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School Council

The School Council of Omagh High School consists of a group of students who are elected from each House group in each year to represent the views of all pupils (The Pupils’ Voice). The School Council meet regularly to discuss and address issues raised by the pupils and/or the management of the school.

They are actively involved in the consultation process relating to school policies, school rules, and uniform changes. Their views on discipline and behaviour issues have been very useful in updating and reviewing the school policies.

The School Council is a very important, respected and influential group within the school community. Through the School Council pupils have the opportunity to contribute to School improvement through the discussion of issues that are important to them by communicating and presenting them, to staff and other pupils.

The Council gives pupils a platform on which they can join together, speak out and be heard. It provides staff involved in decision-making in School with a very valuable consultation group through which pupil opinion can be gauged on a variety of pupil issues and it also allows pupils to gain experience of the work of management in School.

The School council helps build the school community by nurturing the free flow of ideas and opinions between pupils and staff thereby promoting communication, co-operation and enhanced understanding, not only between staff and pupils but also between different year groups.

School Council 4

School Council 1 School Council 3 School Council 2

8A: Ryan Cochrane

8B: Olivia McCrea

8C: Grace McFarland

9A: Gavin Kelly

9B: Jessica Young

9C: Poppy Preston

10A: Jill Elkin

10B: Corey Nugent

10C: Matthew Cuthbertson

11A: Leah Williams

11B: Harris Dickson

11C: Mark Allerton

12A: Harmony Hamilton

12B: Ebony Dickson

12C: Iona Hassett

Deputy Head Boy: Craig Millar

Deputy Head girl: Alex Robinson