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Careers Networking Event

The Assembly Hall was a hive of activity on Friday last week as Omagh High School hosted their 2nd annual Careers Networking Event.


Run for the first time last year as a way to highlight STEM careers to their pupils, they extended this very successful event this year, to include other career areas, with the aim to raise pupil awareness of even more local businesses and the vast array of careers available to them.


Through networking with local businesses, pupils from Year 9, 10, 12, 13 and 14 were able to talk to employers and gain an understanding of the skills and attributes needed in the competitive world of work.   The event was able to showcase the local labour market, local colleges and universities and raise awareness of STEM and non- STEM courses and careers; giving pupils a valuable opportunity to ask questions and to consider and plan their own career paths.


With 26 local employers attending, this event was even larger than the previous and was organised in conjunction with STEMNET who provided a number of ‘STEM ambassadors’ for the event.  In addition, Omagh High School also engaged with local employers and there were employers representing a number of diverse employment sectors; IT, Finance, Pharmacy, Engineering, Agriculture, Horticulture, Armed Forces, Emergency Services, Utilities, Journalism, Healthcare, Food and Drink and Hospitality, as well as representatives from local colleges and universities.


Mrs Burns Head of Careers at the school said “We are so grateful for the support we have received from local employers and colleges.  We understand the pressures on businesses, so we really appreciate their willingness to take part in the event.  It makes all the difference to our pupils to be able meet employers and realise the variety of opportunities that are out there for them.”  Mrs Elkin, Acting Principal at the school said “This event was a great success and offered our pupils a valuable opportunity to take time out to think carefully about their future.  We hope that they will be inspired by talking to employers and will continue to work hard to achieve their goals.”


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