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Maths Week

During Maths Week all of the pupils in Year 8 – 10 took part in Maths Competitions which were great fun.

There were Magic Squares, Tables Tests, Problem Solving Activities and Reciting of pi.

The results were as follows for each Maths Group:

Magic Squares

Year 8

Mrs Beattie’s Group: Wiktona Lenard 8C

Mrs Johnston’s Group: Katie May Doonan 8C

Mrs McNiece’s Group: Olivia McElmurray 8C

Mrs Armstrong’s Group: David Kerr 8C

Overall Winner: Crevenagh

Year 9

Mrs Beattie’s Group: Mark Shaw 9C

Mrs Johnston’s Group: Amy McCauland 9B

Mrs McNiece’s Group: Tori-Li Wilson 9C

Mrs Armstrong’s Group: Andrew Moore 9A

Overall Winner: Crevenagh

Year 10

Mrs Beattie’s Group: Andrew Beattie 10A

Mrs Johnston’s Group: Ethan Walker 10B

Mrs McNiece’s Group: Tiernan McGoldrick 10B

Mrs Armstrong’s Group: Brady Sayers 10B

Overall Winner: Strule


Problem Solving Activities: Winners

Year 8

Mrs Beattie’s Group: Matthew Kerrigan 8A

Mrs Johnston’s Group: Ewan Edgar 8B

Mrs McNiece’s Group: Joshua Hetherington 8B

Mrs Armstrong’s Group: Aaron Baxter 8C

Year 9

Mrs Beattie’s Group: Sarah Hawkes 9B

Mrs Johnston’s Group: Kyle Johnston 9A

Mrs McNiece’s Group: Scott McLlwaine 9A

Mrs Armstrong’s Group: Lucy Hamilton 9B

Year 10

Mrs Beattie’s Group: Jodie Lyons10B

Mrs Johnston’s Group: Robbie Clarke 10C

Mrs McNiece’s Group: Tiernan McGoldrick 10B  

Mrs Armstrong’s Group: Daniel Irwin 10A


Maths Week – Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower Building Challenge

During Maths Week Year 9 pupils took park in a Marshmallow and Spaghetti Tower Building Challenge. Its goal was simple: teams of four must build the tallest freestanding structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, and mini marshmallows.


Though the task seems simple, there was an adding twist with each piece of spaghetti costing £250 and each Marshmallow costing £150 the pupils not only had to think about how they would make a stable tower with height but also had to calculate how much the tower would cost to build. Year 9 pupils really enjoyed the activity and one pupil said ‘this activity was really enjoyable and made me think about how I can use Maths in real life situations’


Year 9 Marshmallow Tower Building Challenge

Winners of the challenge in house groups:

9A – Andrew Walker, Scott McIlwaine, Darragh McKennagh, Kyle Johnston

9B – Lee Jones, Jaime Moore, Sarah Hetherington, Jacob McGonigale

9C – Gabor Laki, Stephen Smith, Matthew Patterson, Ethan Hawkes, Keith Somerville

The overall winning house group was Crevenagh.


Year 8 House Group Catapult Challenge

Year 8 Students took part in a STEM related Catapult Challenge.


Students were asked to design and create a Catapult that would be tested for accuracy, power and precision.

Catapult 1

The Results:

The Test for Accuracy:

Won by Crevenagh 8 hits out of 15

Catapult 2

The Test for Power:

Won by Auckinleck Distance of 6.5M

Catapult 3

The Test of Towers:

Won by Crevenagh 8 hits out of 15


The Maths Challenge was won overall by Crevenagh.



Maths Week – Bridge Building

On Wednesday 18th October George Cowan from the army came to visit Omagh High School during Maths Week to do an Inter House Competition with Year 10 on Bridge Building. While George was with us he talked about the different career opportunities in the army. This was a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) activity which helped to develop our Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.


The class was split into groups of three. Each group was given four sheets of A4 paper, scissors and a roll sellotape. To start off with each person in the group had to draw a design of a paper bridge that would span the gap and also be strong. Then the group picked their favourite design. They then had 20 minutes to make their design out of the equipment they were given.

The Results

The winning group for 10A was Dylan Kerr, Lewis Dempsey and Evan Buchanan.

The winners for 10B were Grace McIvor, Jodie Lyons and Jamie Harpur.

The winners for 10C were Laura Kovacs, Chloe Stewart and James Doak.

The overall winners of the competition were Auchinleck by getting all 76 blocks on their bridge. Each block represented a job in the army so this means there are 76 different jobs in the army.

This was an enjoyable activity where we had the opportunity to solve problems, be creative and make decisions.

By Emma Campbell and Bethany Managh