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STEM Maths and Science Event

On 20th June 2017 all of Year 11 took part in a STEM Event in association with the Army.


Our first activity was Maths based which was led by George. We were given a scenario in which we had to calculate the price the recruits had to pay if they wanted to take part in Adventurous Training in the Netherlands. We had to begin by calculating the cheapest flight options and bus transfers. This was difficult to start off with but with some help from George and Liam we began to understand it.


By the end of it each group had the price that each recruit had to pay which sadly, none of us got correct.


Our next activity was science based which was based on a CSI investigation, led by Dean. We got to put on protective suits, gloves and shoe covers and we then found fingerprints from everyday objects which we then transferred onto black card. Our final activity for the day was recording each other’s fingerprints. From this we could then work out whether our prints consisted of loops, arches or whorls.


This was a very exciting day with lots of different activities. It opened our eyes to the many different careers in the Army which are to do with STEM. All of Year 11 really enjoyed this event.

By Megan Anthony

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